Team Building Games

Often shorter team building games that do not use use as much equipment, as the team building kits  that we sell, suit certain situations best. The type of activities where any resources required can be easily found in the office. These team building games suit impromptu team bonding sessions or where the location is more difficult to access with large amounts of equipment. Should you wish to add to our list of team building games then please do get in touch.

Circle Games

I Love You Honey

Equipment Required: None

This is great game for when you want everyone to have a giggle. The team create a circle and one of the participants turns to the person to their right and says “ I love you honey, do you love me?” the person that they are speaking then responds and then turns to the next person (to their right)  and passes on the same declaration. If you laugh when you are being spoken to or are talking to someone else you are out.

Hula Hoops Hoops

Equipment Required: One hula hoop per team

A simple game when the team stand in a circle and holds hands. ( for those that don’t want to hold hands wrists always seems more acceptable!) A hula-hoop is place between two team members before the circle is completely closed. The idea of the game is for the team to make the hula-hoop pass around the circle without breaking the circle. See if the team can break their time record. Should you have two teams then a race can take place.

Bear Chase

Equipment Required: At least two teddy bears

A fantastic game for all age groups where all you need is a few teddy bears. With the group in a circle a teddy bear is passes into the circle and then it is passed around. There must be no throwing and each team member must pass it to the team member next to him or her to the left. After a few moments a second teddy bear is introduced to the circle. The second teddy bears job is to catch up with the first teddy bear. If you have a large group you could introduce more than two bears. Should  a team member end up with more than one bear in their hands then they are out.

Blindfold Games

This is where the blindfold games will be

Team Races

Up & Over

Equipment Required: One ball or balloon per team

Two or more teams stand in a line ready for a race. To race, the person on the front of the line must pass an object such as a ball or balloon over their heads which will be passed down the line until it gets to the end it must then go between everybody’s legs , including the person on the back of the line,  and then get passed back down to the front. After the person at the front had passed it they should run to the back of the line. The wining team is the one that has the starting front person back at the front again with the or balloon in their hand.

Active Games

Fanning The Fish

Equipment Required: Tissue paper and old newspapers

Make some fish out of tissue paper and then provide each team with a rolled up newspaper. The idea is to have a relay race with the fish. They are made to move by fanning them with the newspaper. A great simple game for any age group.

Active quiz

Equipment Required: Questions & Yes,  No True & False signs

A great way to make a quiz a little bit more energetic is to have four answers to all questions, These are Yes no , true and false. Put these four written answers in different location in the room or area. When the questions has been asked the competitors move to the answer they think is right. They should have a time limit for this. If they are wrong they should sit out for the next two questions. Points can be given for correct answers.

Messy Games

Eqyptian Mummy

Equipment Required: 2 x toilet rolls and a bin bag per team

Give each team two rolls of toilet paper and see which team can wrap their team mate up using both rolls in their entirety. A good way to finish is to then see which group can unwrap their mummy and have all evidence of the toilet paper in a bin bag the quickest.

Calm Down Games

Sleeping Lions

Equipment Required: None

Sleeping lions is a great way to wind down your group especially if they are becoming a little over excited. The idea is that one person is the game keeper and everyone else is lions. Everybody chooses somewhere to lie down within the boundaries of the game. The gamekeepers job is to look for any movement in the lions, if they see any then that lion is out and they must sit at the side of the room. The wining lion is the last one to be lying down. A good tip is to make sure everyone sits down when they are out and not let them assume the position of gamekeeper as it can then get a bit messy. If your lucky this game calms groups down so much you occasionally get someone that falls asleep.

3 Things About Me

Equipment Required: Pen and paper for each group member

Everybody in the group must write down three interesting facts about themselves,  but only two of them should be true. Each team member takes it in turns to read out their three facts and the group must decide on which two are true and which fact is false.